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We are a company that seeks to build the most added value chain of the Uruguayan meat production through consultancy, marketing, developing businesses and strategic alliances throughout the meat value chain, from the field to the plate.


We seek to promote and strengthen the value proposition of beef and lamb in various markets, generating strategic alliances.


We develop actions that generate and increase consumer confidence in the production and consumption of beef and lamb.


We work to promote the growth of beef and lamb exports, protecting and improving its business climate.


In UyMeat we establish the objective of marketize the outstanding properties Uruguayan natural grass feed meat has over the others in the rest of the world, making focus on the most demanding markets such a UE and UK.


Our mission is to recognize the final consumer needs and fill them not only with quality products but also with information of the whole production process, making focus on human health and environmental sustainability.


· Innovation: Traceability in the cuts, up to the end consumer.
· Balance: Business sustainability through all the meat value chain.
· Cooperation, Collaboration vs Competition in meat chain.
· Technology, Education exchange with high end meat markets.

How we operate

from field to plate

Our local team gets in negotiation with farmers to certify the cattle is free of hormones and additives.

We continue the process in the abattoir to certify animal welfare practices are applied in all the process.

We work with the abattoir sales department to guarantee the packaging quality of the meat going out of our region.

We only operate with selected modern abattoirs which ensure quality and innocuous processes.

Overseas, we create joint ventures with local business to promote and marketize the meat we sell them. With this association, we gain strength and the know-how of the different markets and butchers in connection to our main objective which is reaching the end consumer and develop upgrade and differentiation of uruguayan meat brand.


is pampa

Our goal is to ensure that the final consumer of the beef and lamb from Uruguay and the Pampa (biome that includes all of Uruguay, the Argentine Pampa and Rio Grande Do Sul) can enjoy the quality, flavor, experience and all the exceptional attributes of our beef and lamb.

The traceability in our forms of production entails that our products are traced from the birth of the livestock until it arrives at your table. Likewise each consumer receives information about the animal’s part, from the origin of each cut and how quality is preserved throughout all stages.

We seek visibility by exposing the benefits of our production system, based on native pastures and characterized by: cattle grazing under open sky all year long, with no stabling and in total harmony with the ecosystem.

Distinctive features of our


– Hormone free
– No antibiotics
– No animal proteins in feed
– Free-range grazing on natural pastures
– Spacious pastures for each bovine
– Food safety, animal welfare and environmental sustainability

The allocations for the animals are in line with conditions that ensure animal welfare, in an environmentally friendly frame, preserving the biodiversity of fauna and flora, all aspects that make it a highly sustainable production system.

Uruguay is recognized worldwide for being a country where cattle is only fed plant proteins from preserved pastures and without products and by-products of animal origin. This is the reason why the most important Chefs use Uruguayan meat to enhance the flavor of their culinary creations.



We are a young and contemporary company with very experienced collaborators. We have specialists at each of the stages of the meat chain that share a vision for cooperation throughout all links.

  • Ec. Roberto Paullier
    Executive Manager
  • Ing. Agr. Julio Lestido
    Manager Production, Marketing & Sales
  • Ing. Agr. Eduardo Blasina
    Media / Analysis / Agribusiness
  • Dra. Vet. Elisabeth Schreiner
    End consumer / Production
  • Alfonso Paullier
  • Ec. Isaac Alfie
    Economy / Projects
  • Miguel Paullier
    Field Production
  • Francisco Viana
    Field Production
  • Alejandro Milhas
  • Ec. F. Rodriguez Folle

We are constantly updating and deepening on trends, experiences and demands of the final consumer of meat around the world.


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